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I have a son 53 years old. His MRI showed a brain of an 80 year old man. His wife called me and said he has ACTEMISTIC Cornic Microvastular cerebral atrophy, teriven tricular, right artery blocked and stino cerebellar ataxia. I am just a 74 year old lady with no medical background and I do not understand any of this. I just know he is very ill and they are sending him home today from the hospital. Everything I have written I can not even say and don't know if it's a disease that is killing him. I am trying to find someone that can tell me anything at all and if I need to go see him right now or if this is something that can be treated, Thank you for any help you may give.


Hi Lana,

I think there are some spelling errors or you misunderstood what was being said by the doctor.  

1.  Ischemic chronic microvascular cerebral atrophy. 

Ischemic means lack of blood flow.  Chronic, long term.  Microvascular cerebral atrophy is the wasting away of very small blood vessels in the brain.  It can be caused by many factors including high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, or high cholesterol.

2. Periventricular, around the ventricles in the brain.

3. The right artery being blocked.  This would need to be resolved.  Sometimes a stent is placed.  The cause of the blockage needs to be identified.

4.  Spinocerebellar ataxia,  usually causes an unsteady gait or tremors.  It does often cause cerebral atrophy.

Talk to his doctors for a better explanation.  They have the full MRI results and history and can better predict his recovery.  

My best to you all.