my daughter had mono at age 7, since then she has had appendectomy, at age 14, also at age 26, she had a cyst removed from her kidney, it was growing up through her diaphram and lung. Drs. can't identify what the cyst was. She has had very bad problems with her teeth such as numerous abcesses and extractions from infections. She has suffered debilotating headaches, sinus symptoms, toothaches, numbness and severe pain on leftside of face and eye for over a year, thinking it was from a ruptured disk in her neck. Just recently she had a MRI , it shows a cyst on her brain, 19cm.X10cm. It is in an area that corresponds with this area of head and face. Can this all be from Epstein Barr? How do they remove a cyst in the brain? My daughter is 30 yrs. old and has 3 healthy children. Please, any info could help. Thanks