hi: i am 51 and i have been diagnosed as an epileptic. it started over a yr ago when i had encephalitis. i have since had seizures which my neurologist is still trying to control. i am currently taking dilantin, klonopin, lamictal, trileptal and celexa. i have told my neurologist every monthly visit that i can't stand the smell. i can't describe the smell but it is nasty. he said that he has heard it before with epileptics. i get the smell all day and just recently got goose bumps during the smell and when the smell is gone, so are the goose bumps. i am on soc sec disability due to the problems from the encephalitis and i assume the epilepsy. i have had mental therapy and also am seeing a psychiarist for depression. i can't drive for 6 months because the seizures are not under control and everytime i have another seizure, i have to count six months from that date..at this rate i'll forget how to drive when i finally can. has anyone ever had this and can u tell me how long before you were back to your normal self, i mean before all this happened. thanks for listening.