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Right upper abdominal pain, fatigue to the point of passing out--all after eating any type of food. My bowel movements are so infrequent, only small amounts come out, yet I feel I have to go all the time. There is burning sensations in my joints, especially my ankles, hands, feet, lower back. Extreme depression during and after episodes. What appears to be "geographic tongue" occurs but the sores burn. Also bloating in face and abdomen along with inability to concentrate. Almost everything goes away after several hours and as long as I do not eat.

All doctors tests and my own experimentation have ruled out Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac disease, Sjogren's, Fabry's, H.pylori, IBS, food allergies, Crohn's, diabetes, lactose intolerance, and all other minor/common tests. Only test I have yet to do is a SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) test. They've performed xray's, ultrasound, cat scans, mri's, upper gi, endoscopy, colonscopy, barium enema. I do have some diverticuli, the amount of which has doubled within a year when comparing CT scans. I know there is something wrong but 75% of the doctors I've seen say it's psychological. I've been seen by my regular doctors and top doctors at Stanford and UC Davis within internal medicine, genetics, gastrointestinal and rheumatology.

The only time I feel normal is when I'm starving, but anorexia is not an option. This has been going on for four years. My life has done a complete 180 degree turn for the worse (exercising since I was 12, no smoking, no illegal drugs, not even marijuana, healthy eating habits) and now I'm unemployed, don't exercise and in pain all the time. Is there any one on this forum that my be experiencing my same problems? Any insight from others who may have an idea? Thank you for reading.


Forgot to mention that my vitamin D levels are dangerously low. Even after taking prescribed 50,000 IU supplements, my blood tests are abnormal for this.


I have been were you are I believe. In summer of 2007, I had my gall bladder removed, and had more problems. Gall bladder did not heal well and they had to stick a tube in, and heal for 6 weeks. During which I got MERSA (sp?), then appendix blew (Aug 2007). Then had more pain in Dec 2007 (Had abdominal adhesions), then a pace maker in Feb 2008. Then additional bowel obstruction in Summer 2008. Got laid off from job due to illness.

Fast forward to today, Bad stomach pains, had two more partial bowel obstructions surgeries (Summer 2010). Have bad problems now. Docs have taken me off all narcotics for over 6 months thinking I was pain med addict, maybe right...I dunno, but after six months my stomach is bad again. It feels like adhesions, but no blockage. I have spent $5000 so far trying to fix it, and no help. It is getting bad and it hurts.

I am seeing a new GI doctor, but he thinks I am a hypocondriac (sp?). Maybe...but since 2007 I have had 5 a-fib, 3 a-flutter ablations, 3 abdominal adhesions, L2-L-5 fused together, right acchiles tendon re-attached twice, Pace maker, 2 partial bowel obstructions, 2 hernias (Hiatal and umbilical), and MERSA and gall bladder and appendix.

I am in my early 40's, have never used illegal drugs, do not touch alcohol or smoke, used to run and lift light wieghts. This is hurting beyond belief, and my heart sinks knowing I can't get any relief.

Please...make sure you do not have a abdominal adhesion, and also check out the 'sphincter of oddi'. I pray you find relief.

I have lost my job, and my fiancee to this crud, I am tired of this.