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i am due to have this surgery on feb 20. i was in a car accident where my c6-c7 have been herniated and spinal stenosis..right now i haven't had any real pain for a while . since i own a landscaping buisness. i'm have off for the winter.but i do get real soar if i do alot of moving of the kneck(basically i've been taking it real easy)my question is when i do move more than i should i get a real bad case of the dry heves..last week it got so bad i thought for shore i was going to lose my lunch.since this is the same thing that i was feeling right after the this normal my surgen says maybe he never has had a chase where this has acured. on the other hand my brother in law is a chiropractor and he beleives it has something to do with the vaga nerve ( i beleive he called it)..has anybody else had this with the spinal stenosis?????


I have had two anterior cervical fusion surgeries. Leading up to the first one in early 2002, I was very nauseous for several months. I remember my nuerosurgeon saying it was related to the ruptured disk putting pressure on an artery (I think). That time, my problem was at c4-5. Acupuncture helped me with the nausea and after my fusion it disappeared.

Now, I am 6 weeks out from getting C5-6-7 fused. I did not have the nausea this time.