Hi guys.

I'm a 16 year old girl & recently I've been getting nauseous, & followed by that I would become dizzy when standing & sitting, along with hot & cold flashes. The dizziness, & Hot & cold flashes are new.

Usually after i eat, I'd get a little nauseous & my mom would have me take a pepcid. This would usually help the nausea fade over.
As of yesterday, after I ate my lunch as we were driving, I had become INCREDIBLY nauseous, & I couldn't sit straight up because I would become extremley dizzy, & no longer after I would get really cold, & then I would get hot.

I don't usually get motion sickness, so i eliminated that. Last summer, I had rarely no energy, I would get dizzy, & sometimes fatigue. My step mom & my dad told me i could be anemic, but That all went away.

Can anyone help me figure out what these symptoms mean for me? [Nausea, Dizziness, Hot & Cold flashes]