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I am currently 2 weeks late,I have done home tests and four came up positive, I was took to hosptial last nyt as I started bleedingm
The hospital told me that my test that they had done was negative,but I feel like I am,I'm always tired,my boobs are swelling and sore to touchn
I'm going to the toilet more and am so emtional,can I still be pregnant even though its came back negative from the hospital.
Its not normal blood its a browny discharge and have no bellyache to say its a period.
This will be my first child so I'm so confused??????
Any advice would be grateful through this situation thanks



Did the hospital do a blood test? Go to your ob/gyn or your regular doctor for an exam. Ask them to do a blood test.

The blood test should be very accurate at this point, more so than the HPT's.

You did follow the directions to the letter on the HPT's?


Hiya, yeah I followed the instructions properly on the HPTs,that why I don't understand the hosptial one.
They didn't offer me a blood test or a scan to see if they could detect it.
I've had anutha negative result but that was an afternoon one like it was done yesterday and that came back negative too.
The only time I get positive is first thing of a morning which four came back positive.
I'm just so confused they didn't do anything at the hospital.
Have been to my doctors last week and they made me do a urine sample first thing of a morning,and I'm waiting for the results to come back from them.
Its not so much bleeding its a browny discharge I'm getting,but blood when I wipe.
Please help I'm so scared and confused.


It's unlikely that they'd run a scan at this point. The blood test is more commonly used to detect early pregnancy.

If the HPT"s are coming back positive then the hospital/doctors should also test positive. They test for the same hormone, hCG.

The bleeding started last night?


Yes the bleedin started yesterday afternoon,but not heavy like a period.
Just mainly when I wiped there was blood there,I got no symptoms of being on my period though.
I normanlly suffer bad stomach cramps and had nothing off the sort.
I still feel very tired and my boobs are really sore and that's not like me at all feel like there's something going on.


Light spotting would indicate possible implantation bleeding. It normally would occur around the time of your period however.
I'm not certain as to what is going on with the contradictory tests. They are usually very reliable.

All I can say at this point is to wait for your doctors results. If they are still inconclusive then ask for a blood test or see an OB/GYN for a full exam.

Good luck.