I'm 26 and single, and here's my story. I've been on YAZ 28 for two years. Last October I got pregnant while on the pill. Strange, but true, and I am very compliant with my medications, but somehow I OVULATED! I lost the pregnancy at 9 weeks. I didn't take a HPT or have my blood drawn until I was 7 weeks last time. I thought I had a period! It was spotting! I had all the traditional symptoms, dizziniess, fatigue, nausea, acne, my girls were sore.

Now, the current situation...My LMP was Feb 2, hence I should've had one on/around 3 March. February 17 was last intercourse. 19 Feb I was hospitalized for a very bad car accident for 10 days. While in the hospital, I missed ALL the remaining pack of YAZ. Long story short, I consumed 14 active pills, had intercourse, then missed 14 pills. Docs said it was just all the trauma that caused me to miss my period, a fair assumption, but I know my body. HPTs said no, blood hcg said 2.93(negative)...a couple weeks ago. But here I am with all the same symptoms again!!! Nausea in the evenings, very lightheadedness/dizziness. I just took a nap in my car at lunch, I'm so dang tired! I eat like I'm homeless! MOODY. Smell sensitivity, tingly nipples at night. Girls aren't sore, but areolas appear to be widdening and Montgomery tuberacles are noticeable, back aches. I'm a nurse myself and understand my chances are quite low, but
1) It's happened before
2) They symptoms are there
3) The writing is not on the wall (no positive tests, yet)

I wasn't trying to conceive so I wasn't paying attention to my body details at the time. Since I was on the pill, I don't even know when I would've ovulated (if I did), but I missed half the pack! So I have no idea where I would be in the preggo timeline.

I'm scared to take any more tests because...well, I'd like to be pregnant. I don't want a negative. Even though I'm single. I have a great job and insurance. I work for the government and the father is a cardiologist, but I really don't know if I'm just getting my hopes too high for nothing. I have an ultrasound and female exam 4 April just to be on the safe side, but this "in the meantime" c**p is just killing me.