I am a 30 year old female and I too have been suffering from symptoms, but also double vision. It's been going on since 3/19/12. I also experience shortness of breath and seem to always be tired. After all my test with cardiologist and then MRI, nerve test(pending) blood work, I decided to see an ophthalmologist. Yesterday he prescribed me with glasses. I finally woke up without a headache, nausea or dizziness. The ophthalmologist said i have been farsighted for quite some time now and that alone causes headaches dizzines and nausea. My vision is 20/25, so didnt suspect i needed glasses. I spoke to an ear doctor and he too sAid the inner ear can put you off balance, which then causes, the dizziness headaches and nausea. The worse is the cloudy head feeling as the room suddenly begins to spin while i lie in bed. I believe the shortness of breath could be due to my back pain. I was diagnosed with anxiety when my symptoms first started, but I wanted them to tell me something I didn't know. I'm also going to an ear doctor also today and I will report back.