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I have a list of symptoms that have occurred either parallel or in series. Don't recall ever being this sick. Everything started with left hip/pelvic pain that i just woke up with about a month and a half ago. I've had pain in the same region before after sleeping on an air mattress but it would disappear within 2 weeks. i exercise on the regular, so in this case i've stopped all lower body workouts immediately. this time it hasn't dissipated and i went to a local orthopedist, who took an xray, said theres no bone damage, and prescribed diclofenac. the same day, in fact right as i was leaving his office, i started feeling nauseous, so i stopped taking diclofenac. it was barely noticeable in the beginning, but would get worse everyday, appetite disappearing. first time i went to my family doctor i was told it probably is food poisoning because there was no fever. standard blood test came back normal. in addition, i had pretty much constant intestinal movement, gases, and diarrhea for 1 day, no abdominal pain. the following day fever started, i had no appetite at all, and i was getting heavy night sweats and one night i was restless and fainted. i had emt over and their conclusion was stomach flu and malnourishment/dehydration. i went back to my doctor the following morning, and he pretty much said the same and prescribed substances with electrolytes. eventually i got a lot better and returned to work. left hip was still hurting on and off, but i never got to follow up since i was completely sick. i lasted two day at the office until same symptoms returned, now with dizziness. on my way home from work, i started feeling numbness in my hands, dizziness, near fainting sensation. went back to the doctor the same day, he took blood for a more in depth blood test (including blood cell content/count i believe) and it came back fine as well. i stayed home for another week and a half, through which i went through regular flu (what i was told) and a sinus infection (bright yellow mucus, jaw, ear, and head aches), but still experienced abdominal discomfort, slight nausea, and loss of appetite. also experienced discomfort in colon/anus/prostate, had to pinpoint. i was on antibiotics for the infection and acetaminophen, but reasonable daily doses. while i was on sick leave, i went to a few follow up appointments, including a cardiologist, internal organ sonogram, and lower back MRI. i had cardiogram and heart sonogram done, as well as wore a monitor for 24 hours, and everything showed up normal. organ sonogram (liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc.) was normal. lower back MRI showed 2 herniated disks, which can explain lower back and hip pain (i have another followup appointment for this tomorrow). also had an endoscopy procedure which revealed two minor ulcers and samples were taken. whole last week was pretty much fine, aside from some abdominal discomfort, barely noticeable or no nausea, good appetite, no dizziness, but still constant intestinal movement and gases, no abdominal pain. today at work i started feeling dizzy with chills again, this time conscious but feeling some loss of balance (some sort of vertigo without heights). experiencing some abdominal and colon discomfort also barely noticeable jaw/ear pain. i also seem to have occasional stiff neck that forces me to rotate my head and a tender point right side of neck/trap muscle that gets sore and tingly. also seldom triceps and quad ache and buttocks gets sore from extended sitting on hard surfaces (another tender point?). 

i have so many symptoms that its hard to pinpoint whats going on, as well as hard to tell if theyre related or not. they seem to come and go in cycles. i want additionally check my intestine, colon, maybe prostate, neck, whats the best method? want to schedule an appointment with a neurologist. what else should be done? please advise on stenosis, infections (h pylori, staph, etc. - im an engineer in wastewater treatment), fibromyalgia, tumors...

want to mention that ive had lower back problems my whole life, both parents have similar issues, so its genetic. sometimes experience numbness in limbs during sleep (another reason to visit a neurologist). also lost about 10-12 lbs since stopped exercising and eating properly, but i was bulking so this weight loss is normal.


I share the same symptoms as the person in this thread:
It appears he had flu beforehand as well. Any advice?