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I'm a nursing student and when I see certain procedures done for the first time, I tend to get dizzy, light-headed, start sweating, and my face turns extremely pale. Today I was watching a lumbar puncture being done and experienced this, but I also felt severe lower abdominal pain, almost like sharp menstrual cramps, for about 15 minutes. Can these things be connected at all or is it maybe just a coincidence?


Hello there

Since this is happening only when you see certain procedures for the first time it is probably the fear how are you going to do this by yourself. You are aware that you have chosen difficult job and that you will need a lot of energy and great stomach for certain things.

When I was younger I used to get dizzy when I saw blood so I think that your reaction to some things is perfectly normal. You just need to get used to all what you are going to perform one day when you finish school.

And for this cramps maybe it was just your stomach because these things are similar and we have covered that part. I wish you luck in your future education.