I have had chronic stomach pain for a while now, it's difficult to determine the exact location because my whole stomach hurts, when I lay down I get an added stitch pain down both sides of my stomach. If I take pain killers it eases the pain but never goes away, but sometimes it doesn't work at all. The pain is bad enough to constantly disrupt my sleep but during the day, I am still able to get on with most things around the house but I need to rest a lot otherwise it intensifies. Other symptoms include being bloated, nauseated all the time, (I have not vomited though) as well as being light headed and get dizzy if I stand up too fast. 3 months ago now I had a lletz surgery, after I woke up I was crying in agony due to really bad stomach pain and was given a morphine injection and sent home. That's where all my problems started to happen.. about a week later I got an infection from the surgery and was given antibiotics, I also developed a cold around the same time, then I got thrush because of the antibiotics. My body was struggling with healing multiple things and I got anemia (which I had for about 2 weeks) after all this for a short amount of time things were fine up until I got thrush again, (not sure why) half way during my treatment for it I developed stomach pain which has gotten worse over time. I should also note I'm not pregnant because I have the IUS contraception. I'm 22 years old, ex smoker and don't drink alcohol. I went to see a doctor who sent me to the hospital, I waited in the waiting room for 7 hours and every person that came in after me was seen before me, I got frustrated and the pain got too much to hold out any longer, I figured they didn't think it was serious and left before I was seen so I could go home and get some pain killers in me. Any ideas on what it could be?