Hi guys, I just turned 27 and im not sure if what I have is a hemorrhoid. Maybe a couple months back I had what I believed was a hemorrhoid, felt like something was coming out of my butt (sorry its embarrassing). I havent strained myelf that I know of, nor do I lift weights anymore so im not too sure what may have caused it, but it was painful to sit down normally, eventually I had to only lay on my side on the couch all day. Well fast forward a couple months and here today i havent had anything happen like that anymore, but now whenever I sit down in a normal sitting position Im fine for maybe 20 or 25 minutes before it feels like something swelling inside my bottom, almost like a balloon(the only way I can describe the feeling).Is this a hemorrhoid or what exactly?? Im only 27 so im embarrassed about getting a colonoscopy or what might come of this. I thought it would eventually go away but it hasnt, and im at the point where im afraid to go out to friends houses...etc because it starts to hurt after a while of sitting down and gets uncomfortable.



Sorry for the long question, thanks in advance guys.