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I have what I belive is an prolapsed internal hemorrhoid. Its pretty large, about an inch long, 1/2 wide. Its going on day 5. Pain is less, but still there. How long will it take to heal?


OK, so I see a lot of views, but no replies. When it first happened to me, I was going nuts trying to find answers. Also, I DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE So, I will keep posting my history, and hopefully progress, in hopes that it may help one of you.

The beginning...

Growing up, I always remember having some sort of problem when it came to taking a sh*t. Also, I was a big reader, and would read for literally hours at a time on the bowl growing up (This can lead to hemms).
When I was 7, I had to go in for a polyp removal in the lower intestant also. Not sure if there is any relevance.. Sometimes would get cramps and have to go very badly all of a sudden. Would have to hold it till I found a place (again, can lead to hemms). Few times, came close to soiling myself. I always had very bad gas also.

Growing up

Around 26, I moved in with a girl, and became obsessed about not leaving skid marks on my underwear. So I would over wipe my anus, sometimes wiping 20 times till it was super clean. This can also lead to hemms. Also, constantly had diarrhea.

When I was about 27, I got what I guess was my first real case of a hemorrhoid. I went to a friends bachelor party, and got very drunk. At one point I took a sh*t, and guess since I was so drunk, over wiped really hard. When I woke up, my ass was killing me. I seriously thought someone had violated me at night! Went home, put some PepH on it, and a day later was OK.

Started doing Atkins diet around 29. This consists of a lot of protein, and I loved my red meat! I would always eat plenty of salad with it, and other veggies. But cut out Fruit, rice, pasta, breads, beans. Little did I know, even with my veggies, I was not taking in nearly enough fiber.
Few flare ups here and there over the years, but nothing every external. Just would be sore for a day, put the PepH on it, and heal up. Still was getting a lot of diarrhea, and would go to the bathroom sometimes 5 times a day. Bled on the Toilet paper a lot. Doc suggested fiber, but I was under the impression it would make my stool loser than it already was!

Present Day

Now I am 39. I look about 28, and I am not just saying that. People are in shock when I tell them I am almost 40. Plus I live in NYC, so eat a lot of exotic spicy food, and I go out and drink... a lot....probably too much...Way too much! After a weekend of drinking, my Hemms would be aggravated, I would have diarrhea, and I would have to wipe once, then go into the tub. This progressed from a weekend thing, to an everyday morning thing. Again, I was having at least 3 movements a day. At work, would wet paper towels, and wipe. Was the only way I could wipe and not bleed and be super sore.


The last month, I felt like my anus was swollen after each movement. Then, a week before my Hemm, I felt a little bump coming out of my anus. I would push it, and it would go back in. "Oh well, I have a hemm", I thought. "No big deal".....yeah, right!
Monday night, ate a leftover spicy Taco. Next morning, I had diarrhea and my anus was inflamed, probably from the hot pepper. About 30 minutes later, I had another movement. Now my ass was raw. Went in the shower, pushed my little hemm in, and felt my swollen ass. Off to work.

I usually walk around a lot, but that day I sat more then usual. After lunch, I had another movement, my 3rd of the day! After work, some guys went to the movies, so again I sat for 2.5 hrs. Now I could start feeling that my ass was in pain. After the movie, got in my car, drove an hour home. Pain was increasing. By this time, I had been sitting for about 12 hrs. When I got home and hobbled up the stairs, I had yet another movement (4th of the day)and this one was painful! When I got in the shower to clean up, I felt a HUGE painful lump where my ass once was!

I freaked out, and grabbed a mirror, and squatted over it to see a BIG purplish lump where my as****e was. It hurt bad, and it was about 1 1/2 inch long, by 1/2 inch wide. I ran to the store, and got PepH, and dabbed it on, thinking when I woke, it would be gone....
Little did I know, I had a thrombosed Hemm. Still do not know if its internal, or external yet.

Day 1

Woke up, and I was in sooooo much pain, all I could do was lye on my stomach. I had to call my boss, and tell her I was sick. Looked in the mirror, and it was still huge and swollen. I iced it, and took hot sith baths... but they were little help. My mom told me it would go away in a day or so.....

Day 2

Was in so much pain, and so scarred, that I went to a walk in clinic/emergency room. The women at the desk told me, "you know this is an emergency room clinic, and not just a walk in. If you have something that is not serious, go to the clinic (15 miles away)." I had actually wrote down thrombosed external Hemorrhoid on a piece of paper, so I handed her that and asked her if this qualified. She looked up and was like " OH YES, I am sorry. Have a seat if you can, I will get you right in! "

So was in on a gurney. Nurse came over, and asked what was wrong. Was embarassed, but had to tell her. The doc examined me, felt embarrased again. He started to push my hemm back in. I was in a lot of pain now, and felt like screaming! After he was done violating me, he said he wanted to push it in more. I told him I needed a pain killer, so they gave me a shot, and after 20 min, pushed it in some more. So, I am guessing its an internal hem, that went external and became thrombosed. He gave me vicodin, and told me to see a surgeon........OH MY GOD I thought.

to be continued....


Been super busy, but wanted to follow up on my posts.

So, like many people that I have read about, I stopped eating once this happened. In the first two days, I ate just one slice of toasted wheat bread. I did not got to the bathroom in two days, and I guess this is good, gives your ass a little break.
So, after my trip to the doc, I stopped by the supermarket. I bought high fiber cereal, Irish Oatmeal, prunes (which are actually not as high in fiber as one would think, considering all the hype), wheat pasta, raisins, and bananas. I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up my vicodin, and got some Tucks wipes, stool softener, and fiber pills.
That night, I took a vicodin, which was HEAVEN. It knocked me right out, and I could get some needed rest.
I made some Oatmeal with raisins for breakfast, and had some pasta with butter for lunch and dinner.
Around 2pm, I had my first BM. It hurt, but not that bad. I think the vicodin dulled the pain. After every BM, I would jump in the tub, clean up. Then after draining the tub, I would fill it with hot water and soak for about 15 min (also called a sith bath). This helps with the pain and itching. Also, I use a hair dryer to dry my butt off when I come out. This seems to help with the itching. As a last defense, I use a Tucks pad, which are very good.
Bought some Vein Therapy pills at the local health food store, with some natural Hem cream. The pills are long term. Use the cream, but don't notice any improvements.


The fiber was doing its job, my BM were once a day, and fast. My Hem was not as swollen now, but still the size of a walnut! With the vicodin, I managed to go back to work. Did not sit that long, and changed position often. Have trouble going down stairs, this puts strain on your rectum muscles....who knew? My diet changed drastically. Ever meal, I made sure I had fiber, and made sure breakfast was High Fiber cereal, or oatmeal.

DAY 7-15

Life slowly starts returning to normal. My Hem feels a little smaller each day, and I can walk a bit better. Hurts now and then, but for the most party I don't notice it. On the 15th day, its about the size of a grape, and I stop taking sith baths after every sh*t, but still cleaning myself in the tub after each BM. This makes it tricky, because you have to make sure you don't have to go when your out at the Mall, or a friends house.

Sex - I could feel a strain on my hem when doing this. But hey, a guy has to live, right

DAY 30 - There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Almost back to normal. My hem has shrunk to the size of a pea!
Luckily, we have a gym right at work, so the few times I had to go at work, I can jump in the shower and clean up. TP has still not touched my ass. Still eating fiber with every meal. Take the Vein Pills occasionally. Can sit for a while, but still get up and walk around every 15-30 min as precaution.

DAY 40

I have returned to the gym, and ran 1 mile. Life is almost back to normal. Hem is still there, but now the size of a small pea. Wiped one time, when I was not near a tub. Used wet TP. No problems. Still eating fiber almost every meal. Eat a little red meat, maybe once a week. Nothing spicy as of yet. Still using tub method and tucks once in a while.


Well, the only thing that really scares me is that hemorrhoids can be back if you have them. When they went away for the first time, when my doctor told me some tips about hemorrhoids relief, he told me that scary thing that once you’ve had hemorrhoids, they can always return. 

So far they didn't return and I really hope that they won't return ever.

First time when I "was healed" I continued my life 30 days after this.

Maybe I could do this before, but I was scared and I was in constant fear to do anything. Now I am OK, I don't sit on the toilet for a long time like I used to, I do exercise and I eat better foods than before. 

It helps. 



this really sucks. thanks for the story. a walnut to start, sweet mother of god!! i can only hope that this small grape of mine goes faster.




I just got my first one a few days ago, and it is absolutely horrible! You can't sit, you can't really stand and move anywhere, and the doctors here are less than gentle when it comes to inspection (Slovakia). Who knew that something that small would hurt so bad?


Thanks you for that story! I have had my external hemmie for 2 weeks and 3 days. Pain is not there, no bleeding, not much of anything right now except two small pea sized protrusions. I sat a lot today at work and it isn't that bad at all. I have Monday off from work so I have three full days to rest - hopefully by Tuesday these lumps will have gone down. That'll be three weeks at that point. I am doing everything - water, baths, spray bottle after BM, fiber, etc.


Oh gosh, 40 days huh. Im on day 9 of mine. I went to the E.R 2 nights ago after work because I could no longer push it back in, and I knew that it needs to be stuck back in because when it is protruding out your anus is actually cutting off all ties, this is why if it has been out of th anus for too long it is very tender and painful to the touch. Anyways, doc said it was inflamed and if it got worse to come back in. Well what do you know, that night I couldnt sleep at all, hot sithz bath didnt work worth a peep, so I went back into the E.R. Called my PCP but she was double booked for a week. Well the doc who seen me in the E.R this time had no problem examining my hemm, she poked and tucked while I screamed and cried (at that point i might as well have been delivering all over again.) She said it was a thrombossed internal hemm and that she needed to slice it open. So she numbed me, sliced it open, squeezed out a few blood clots and push it back in. She said I need to see my PCP and get a referral for a surgeon. So I went to my PCP today, told her what was going on, she prescribed this cortizone cream, which is supposed to shrink the hemm. So far so good, im not in as much pain as I was in before the E.R doc sliced and diced, however my PCP said that there are still some blood clots in there and that i need to push it back in, do the sithz bath, stay away from vicoden due to it causes constipation, so im taking colace along with kellogs fiber bar and fiber drink mix, metamucil, probiotics yogurt, mini wheats and wheat thins. I didnt know oatmeal and raisins were good but I have that and I should try it. Thanks for the tip. Im really hoping to get rid of this thing. This is my first bad hemm and boy do I regret my eating choices and lack of exercise. My Fiance' comes back from iraq in 3 weeks for a little RNR for 14 days and I am soo hoping I am in the clear by then. I do not want to spend those 14 days sexless and grouchy. We have soo much planned, this thing will only slow me down massively.


I recommend a bidet so you don't have to wipe so much. Also using Puffs Plus with lotion (this is important) - toilet paper is killer on the butt...and of course you are going to wipe a LOT more with roids because poo gets stuck in little ugly places. Roids are THE worst. I had a c-section 17 days ago and with all the percoset they gave me (narcotics yet ANOTHER cause of roids), I became too constipated which put pressure on them, making them unbearable. And I really mean unbearable - I have a slice in my belly that I barely noticed because my butt hurt too much!
When you wipe too much you are wiping away important oils, so you need to keep the area lubricated with an ointment. OINTMENT, not a cream. Even A&D or vaseline will work. But cortisone creams will help shrink them. PLUS, if you need something for pain, I recommend 4 ibuprofen every 8 hours. (doctor's orders for me) They are inflamed and since this is an anti-inflamitory, it makes life much more comfortable! Oh and you are right about eating lots of fiber. I have to take iron 2x a day because I had a blood transfusion and my iron is very low, but this makes poo so much harder...but stool softeners or miralax helps a lot.
I have wondered how long it takes these suckers to heal. It is like having extra appendages...very painful ones! Am glad to know I am not alone with these!


o sweet jesus... these things can last for 40 days!!!?!??!?! i turned 30 a few months ago.. i still can not grow a moustache... and now i have a paingrape that pops in and out of my ass as i move..


Ok, as a sufferer of 8 years (internal/prolapsed) i've got some bad news for you guys once you have hemorrhoids you never get rid of them except with surgery!!
One of the best ways to alleviate the pain it a nice hot bath (not kidding) just sit in it and soak and the creams do work BUT seriously you will need to change your diet (NOT ATKINS this is the worst thing to do) you need plenty of fibre (vegies,oats,fruit,seeds flaxseed, chickpeas and so on) hardly any meat in your lifstyle.

This will help heaps but will not get rid of them this will only manage them and it will make you regular. The best thing to do it get up go for a walk and get your body moving so you get get the first of your 2 BM's then take a shower and inspect yourself to see if you need any cream/suppositories- for internal Hem's. You should only be doing 2 BM's a day if you eat the correct foods and no pushing this will only make things worse if you feel bloated that will be part and parcel of changing your diet as your muscels need to get used to the different way you now go to the toilet. Surgery/bandings are the only way to get rid of these things and it's not pleasant what ever way you choose. Bandngs will get rid of the Hem's but not the prolapse this will require surgery. Now i think the best way to go about this is new proceedure called THD (Trans Hemorrhoidal dearterialization) or DG-HAL (Dopler Guided - Hemorrhoid Arterial Ligation) i think i got the spelling correct. This is only new but it's a lot less invasive than anything else out there.

The other ways need a lot of cutting and sewing. PPH is another one but this involves a plug type device that needs to be inserted in the rectum it then clamps the internal tissue and pulls the wall of your anus up and then cuts a circular ring of the bowel out and then staples it back together in one step (how pleasant does that sound?) and the recovery time can take up too 3 mths going by what people on here have experienced.

Now the first one i mentioned (THD/DG-HAL) involes a pulsating probe being inserted into your anus where they find some veins and then tie them off that cause the hem's/bleeding/prolapse, and then they sew up the remaining prolapse to the wall of your bowel and thier it shrivells up to nothing and that's it hopefully no more Hem's but you will need to stay on a good fiber diet for the rest of your life of you could have them come back . I think this is a better way to go. I"m not a doctor or have anything to do with any doctor i've judt done a lot of thinking and research about this i think this is the best way to go it will not suit or be the best solution for you, that you'll have to discuss with your doctor.

So let me know what you think of what i have said.




I had THD for stage 4 hems with constant bleeding and prolapse. See my post at: "THD hemorrhoidectomy works!" on this forum.
Quick and immediately effective, with no serious side effects reported in over 10 years of use by surgeons world-wide. It is just now becoming available here in the US. I had to travel four hours to get to a surgeon who does it - but well, well worth it. It is now over 6 months since I had this done and I still can't believe the hems are gone - I had them over 20 years...


That's fantastic news to see that something is going right for someone on this forum. I'm too are having difficulty finding someone in Queensland, Austraila to do this proceedure, but i will find one.


This sux ! Had mine for 3 days. External and HUGE, (between size of quarter and half dollar). Leaving for mexico in 3 more days and Dr said it should be 90% better by then. WRONG ! Sill the same size with more pain. Follow up visit tomorrow. My luck ! My girlfriend is being so nice about it; but, I feel like a jerk cause our vacation is going to suck now !