I'm 18 and I've been diagnosed with hearing loss at the beginning of May this year. It's mild, but causes some difficulty with sound perception etc. However, a few months before this diagnosis I started to become lightheaded and have "brain fog". I took no notice of it. It's worse and worse. I was eating the other day and I started to become hot and confused. This lasted for a couple of hours. I've been getting this more and more. Around a week ago, I fainted because I was so lightheaded after I stood up. Blood pressure is fine. I visited one doctor and he said I'm probably susceptible as I'm quite a small girl. Today I visited another and he addressed my problem and said it sounds like the hearing loss is causing me balance problems. BUT I also told him my other symptoms which I thought were weird such as: memory loss (where I placed things, what I was doing, what I was going to say), day dreaming (even in public) which lasts around 10 seconds at most, weird muscle jerks, double/blurry vision. He mentioned epilepsy. Can somebody help please? I need some insight!