I'm 18 years old and I have been suffering with variety of symptoms which seem to keep getting more and more prominent. It started off with being lightheaded, then slight loss of short term memory such as where I placed something (many times a day) and also feeling detached from time to time. It's been around 5 months and my lightheadedness is getting worse as it happens everytime I stand up or walk or even lift my arms. My blood pressure is fine. Yesterday I was eating some wedges, chicken straps, spring rolls and I started to get hot and feel off. I thought I just ate too fast, but I started to get confused and I wasnt making much sense. I had extreme brain fog for around two hours. Two weeks beforehand, I stood up to reach for something on my wardrobe and I my vision started to go spotty black. At this point I just thought it was the usual extreme lightheadedness, but then I couldn't hear and I felt weak and dropped to the floor. The next thing I remember is being on my knees. I started shaking and my voice was coarse for about an hour. I usually always feel like I have brain fog, only slightly. I always wake up everyday with pressure in my head, suffer from a lot of migranes and not long ago I had a piercing headache for 2 days at the back of my head. I'm always tired and all my muscles ache. I suffer with plantar fibromatosis, but that only affects my foot and causes pain there. Also, I have hearing loss (diagnosed), but I don't know if this will be relevant. I visited a doctor for my lightheadedness and feeling faint, but he said it's probably stress and my weight. He didn't even weigh me. I've also felt like my heart has started to beat really hard for a few seconds for the past 3 days. More ringing in ears. Please help