I have heard my heartbeat in my left ear for  over 11 years now. I have been to an ent and had a hearing test that showed "moderate" hearing loss, which of course I expect because I have this loud freaking noise going on.. I have also had an MRA, which showed nothing wrong with my arteries. My ENT tried to put me on water pills, but that only caused me excruciating pain in my extremities. But ironically it seemed to help the sound. (Not worth it). The sound seems to be related to my allergies. Certain times of the year it gets worse, some times of the year it is barely noticeable.. but it is ALWAYS there. I went years taking Benadryl and that seemed to help, but then I became immune to it and it did nothing at all. My ENT diagnosed me with Venus Rush, and said that if nothing else helps he may have to do surgery. When I had problems with the water pills, I called the office and left word with the nurse. She told me I should stop the pills and she would pass on the note to the doctor. I'm afraid he never got back with me. I was on Medicare at the time and I believe strongly that this is the reason he never called me back. I'm sure the surgery wouldn't be approved. I am only reaching out to the community now because it seems to be back with a vengeance and even though I am remarried now and have full coverage insurance, my pride will not let me go back to this doctor. I can choose another of course, but I want to go to one with all of the facts. What else could cause this? Venus rush seems to be some blanket diagnosis he can just pull out of his hat at this point. So I put forth this: if my general doctor could find nothing wrong with my heart and my ent could find nothing wrong with my arteries.. what is next for the next doctor I reach out to?