Hello, I am a 25 year old female and Lately I have been feeling odd ( Dizziness, Lightheaded, Blurry Vision - its weird). *When I drink milk my stomach gurgles and have cramp type pains there, all of a sudden. this has happened over the past 4 days. *My mouth and tongue felt like I had a battery on it over the past few days. *I've been feeling sick on and off and my appetite has diminished although my stomach rumbles I still don't fancy anything. *Sometimes I feel off balance, sometimes I feel like I am on a boat. *My period is 4 weeks late and used a pregnancy test ands its come back negative. *Went to one of them walk in centres today because of sharp pain in my stomach - The doctor said some about acid - the pain hasn't come back since. *I was walking around in Tesco's about 2 hours ago and has a very horrible sharp pain under my right breast, that lasted a couple of minutes and hasn't come back. *I have told all of this to the Doctor today he actually never gave me and answer except if it gets worse go to your GP. *Oh and also I had my blood pressure done today and the highest number was 115.. 1.5 weeks ago my nan used her one on me and the highest number was 100, a week before that I went to the doctors because of no period and bad pains and cramps on my lower abdomen and the highest number was 91. I've never seen my numbers over a 100 so it seems its slowly creeping up... Has anyone had something like this before or does anyone know what this could be... ANY Information welcome, Thank you :)