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Hi, I'm Stephen. I have a really small penis, 1 inch normal, 3 inches hard. I have some hair down Below, and in my armpits. I get turned on, but it ain't growing, my voice is high still and I just now started cumming, but it isn't white, it's clear and sticky. Please help me, do I have micropenis, or am I just a late bloomer, or do I not have enough testosterone? When I wake up I don't have morning wood, and it hasn't grown at all since I was young, what should I do? BTW, I have been 13 for, 7 months! Please, somebody help me! 


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Hey Stephen I totally understand your concern. Good news is you have started puberty and you are not ablate bloomer. You are completely normal . You are in the earlier stages of puberty and your penis should continue to slowly grow over the next several years. Also it is normal to have clear semen when you first start to ejaculate. It will get more milky as you develop.