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I am 14 years old I am going to turn 15 in 3-4 months ! And my penis wen erect is just 2.5 inches! I am around 5feet  and little pubic hair is visible by the naked eye ! So wen will I grow taller? Any tips? And what about my penis size?


Hi Guest

You are in the early stages of puberty the small amount of pubic hair confirms that.

You will be going through all the changes associated with puberty as you continue to grow and develop how long it takes or what the end result will be is hard to predict.

You can count on getting taller and your penis growing as well it is hard to say how much taller you will get or how big your penis will end up being but you have many years of growth and development ahead of you and you could see significant changes in your height and size.

For just starting puberty you are a bit of a late bloomer which is very common puberty is a process that takes years to go through the changes you are hoping for will happen.

If you search for the Tanner puberty scale you can do the quiz and it will tell you what stage of puberty you’re in.

It sounds like you are developing just as you should be with maybe just a bit of a later start then some healthy eating and exercise and the time your body needs to grow is all you need.