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Hi I'm fourteen years olds and I'm getting kind of concerned. My mom recently took me to the doctor for and xray of my hand to get the bone age. My bone age is 14, but I don't think I've hit puberty. I have a few black hairs on my penis and no armpit hair. The doctor said I'm just a late bloomer. My friends always make fun of me becaus I'm 5' 4"and it really gets under my skin because I can't really control when I grow ( they are all much taller than me). Have I hit puberty? I'm really nervous please help.


Hi Guest

Your doctor is right you are just a bit behind some of your friends but since you have some pubic hair that definitely means you have started puberty.

Everyone grows and develops at different rates and times you may have gotten a little bit of a late start but all the changes you are hoping for will happen soon enough.

If you search for the Tanner puberty scale and do the quiz it will give you an idea of what stage you are at as you continue to develop at the moment you are in the beginning stages of puberty.

Like you said you can’t control when you will grow and it is hard to predict how long it will take or what the end result will be.

Starting puberty can vary a great deal from around 10 to as late as 16 for some it does not mean there is anything wrong if you start puberty late but unfortunately some guys need to make an issue of it.