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Hi I'm 16 years of age I'm 5'11 and I'm roughly around 270 pounds. I think I've hit puberty I have armpit hair I'm growing a beard i have a bunch of leg and arm hair I have hair on my testicales. But I think something is wrong with my penis I'm 1.5 inches soft and 3 inches hard. My doctor has said I'm in the 3rd stage of puberty but he didn't tell me if I am a late bloomer. My mom hit puberty at 12 years old, my sister hit it at 13 years old, and my dad hit it at 13 too I've asked him if he was late and he said no and I asked my mom what his size was and she said around 8 to 9 inches hard. Neither of my parents are late bloomers and I think god just screwed me over TBH cause I'm seriously freaking out I've had a gf for 2 years now and she wants to have sex already but I just come up with excuses all the time cause of my size. Is there anyway possibly that I can make my penis grow? Does the Penis Enlargement Bible actually work? Am I consider a late bloomer or do I have a Micro Penis? Any response will help thank you


Hi Jarhead,

You do not have a micropenis.

Your penis can grow into your early 20's so it may just not be done growing.  Also, at 270 pounds a portion of your penis is likely hidden by a layer of fat around your groin.  It could hide an inch or more.  Average for an adult male is 5.1" by the way.

Hope it helps.