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Is there any place online where I can do a "do I have narcolepsy quiz"? Let's be clear, I don't think that I have narcolepsy at this point but you never know. If there is no quiz for this anywhere on the internet yet, then maybe you can set one up on this website? That would be so cool!


Hello there patrizius1075,

Well as far as I can tell that serious condition and quiz related to that condition simply can’t be cool anyway. I don’t know why you are suspecting that you might be suffering from the narcolepsy but if you have any suspicions whatsoever simply go and see your doctor. He will perform certain tests to determine should you be worried regarding to this matter or not. Also certain symptoms are characteristic for narcolepsy such as black outs during normal work day, trouble with sleeping in your usual time and headaches.

I hope that this was helpful and that you are just kidding regarding all this. If you have some additional questions please ask. Good luck.