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I've been recently diagnosed with hyperparathyoidism (one parathyroid adenoma) and I would be grateful if someone could tell me if there are any highly experienced surgeons who perform the minimally invasive surgery in the Virgina, Maryland, or Washington, DC area?


Hi eastwest,

First, please see the thread "looking for a referrral for a parathyroid surgeon" and maybey someone there can help.

I have a basic suggestion re your the best hospitals in your area, ask them for Dept of Surgery, and ask specifically for three or more names of doctors that preform this surgery... OR try their websites, and physician referral line.

I hope you do well. Don't forget to read a very helpful website.. However Dr Norman is in Tampa... and they do not give out referrals ....but if you email him directly, he will answer you regarding your condition... Good luck in your search for the Best ....AND i agree with you re getting the least invasive surgery......Hazey