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Hi there! I have been reading up on disabilities, both obvious and non obvious, and about what is considered a disability by society. Take narcolepsy, do you think that it is a disability or not? If so, under what criteria? Please give me all your views on this. The more detailed your comment, the better :-)!


Hello there darcie59,

Well basically narcolepsy is disability because this is condition which sometimes can’t be controlled. First of all this is autoimmune disorder and that means that person who is affected with that condition has to face that his or hers own immune system is attacking healthy cells and tissues by mistake.

This condition can be very nasty sometimes because person needs to change his or hers lifestyle. Since there can be some severe cases and also cases with mild symptoms the treatment usually depends on the cause and symptoms but unfortunately there is no cure for narcolepsy.

I hope that this will help you (I am not sure why do you need this information) and that you are better informed then you were.