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Hello. I am slowely getting more and more into cycling, but I am an amateur, with no one to help me. Since the bad weather is approaching, do I need turbo training? I can’t imagine not cycling whole winter. I know that most cyclists find turbo training boring but I need to do something that will keep me into shape during winter. I could use some guidance.


Hey there. I know what you mean. Well, you will have to get yourself a trubo trainer, no matter how boring it may seem. You should also try practicing some other forms of exercises – maybe going to a gym, or running when it is mot very cold for example. I know that many of my friends,who do the cycling, have turbo trainers, and they find different ways of fighting the boredom while they are on the seat. I myself, watch TV, while my best friend plays really loud music while cycling  I give myself a 60 minutes of workout on trubo trainer, almost every day during the winter, and I am always in a good condition.