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I am 16, I am 5 foot 7 inches, and female. I weigh 169 pounds (borderlining/hitting 170 pounds again though) and I have been counting my calories for a little over a month, but I can't seem to get below this 168-170 mark. I have started taking dance lessons (once a week for an hour), so I have been almost practicing everyday for about a half hour, but I stopped practicing since yesterday since my foot is messed up...And I haven't worked out excessively anymore, like everyday since my foot is messed up and plus, getting sidetracked with my cousin being over and all lol. But besides walking on the elliptical for a hour and a half, doing work outs using the WorkOut Trainer app by Skimble, and trying to keep below my calorie intake using the Lose it! app, what else do you think I can do to drop these last ten pounds? (I would happy to be at least 160, my over all goal is to reach 155 maybe, maybe 150, but for now I just want to reach 160).

By the way I am also vegan (sometimes vegetarian since it's pretty expensive to be vegan!), have been since October 1st of last year (2011) and I take vitamin supplements (Multivitamins and Vitamin D, and also Fenugreek and progesterone Birth Control, just in case if either of these can be interfering with my weight loss)

Please and thank you! :)


I am sure the hormone intake has something to do as well. 
You have reached a plateau stage.  And counting calories is useless if the food you are eating is processed.  I am apescatarian-vegetarian-rawist-paleo.  I follow a hybrid nutrition that allows me to not gain weight. BUT it is strict. 
Dance movements is not enough.  Our bodies burn significant amount of calories when our heart begins to beat fast.  So lets say running and not being able to talk while you run will give you a good indication of the effort you need to place into your routine. 
I would suggest the following modifications:

Stop eating from a regular dinner plate and switch to a fruit size plate (6 to 8 inches )
Eat the same thing three to four times a day. YEP.  Very boring. I know.

Do not count calories.  Half of your plate should be filled with greens and the other half with some protein. You can have fruit.   
Since you are a vegetarian... beans, nuts and quinoa is your protein source. 
Greens can be steamed or raw.  My suggestion is to eat raw because it retains all vitamins and minerals.  I don't take vitamins only fish oil in the winter.  

Cut most carbs and sugar as well.  
Ditch the elliptical and run for a minimum of 45 min at fast pace 5 times a week, OUTSIDE.   Increase by 10 minutes up until you reach 60 minutes run duration. 
You should be able to loose 2 lb in one week.  That's 8 lb in one month. I being very conservative because I know that most "dieters" can't take the regimen.  

I'd like to remind you that anything in your diet containing sugar or a sugar surrogate will make you gain weight same goes with certain kind of fat. 
Drink water and green tea.  No juices, because they contain sugar.  
Green Tea must be the one you brew not the one in a bottle sold in store.

YOU WILL loose weight.  

Good luck.


I found juicing vegetables and fruit for breakfast and lunch helped me lose the extra weight I wanted to