Both voluntary and involuntary euthanasia are illegal under British law.

However, an anonymous survey conducted among doctors, shows that doctors help patients die no matter what the law says. It has been estimated that around 3000 patients have been helped to die in Britain in just one year by using the double effects of painkillers.

936 cases were described as voluntary euthanasia, while the rest of the patients made no explicit requests about the way they wanted to go. This is called non-voluntary euthanasia and means that the patients who were close to dying spoke of their wishes for euthanasia but were unable to give a specific instruction to doctors.

The “double effect” of painkillers means that a patient would experience an alleviation of symptoms with possibly life shortening effect.
This means that some doctors break the law and deliberately help patients die. Yet, they do it secretly and then deny it in public. The biggest problem is that some of these doctors worked without the patients’ consents and deprived them from their rights to choose the way they want to go.