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I am very worried about my husband. We have been married for almost 25 yrs. (next yr). He has always been a drinker since the age of 14/15 when left school. Mainly drinking beer. He has worked mainly nights. The last few yrs started drinking Vodka before going to bed in the morning to help him sleep. He was made redundant 6 Jan this yr. He did try a job classed as self employed with a double glazing firm but that didn't work out. He was having car crashes etc. Just before Christmas when he found out he was being made redundant (about 8th Dec) he was drinking one weekend and went to the bathroom. I noticed him being sick, but it seemed to be all brownie blood. I know for a fact it wasn't food as he had not had any for 2 days. He had only drunk vodka and clear lemonade. He has had all tests done which he said was ok. He has had camera down his stomach and Consultant said he has inflamation above and below his stomach. He also mentioned his Esophagus. I asked if this was serious which he said yes. I wasn't able to ask any more questions because my husband got up and we then left.

My husband is also confused sometimes. His brain is not like it used to be. He has trouble with his bowels when he had been out to the club. He didn't make it to the toilet in time. Now he is having trouble not able to go regarding his bladder.

I am so worried and don't know what to do. We are both 54 yrs old. He has tried cutting down/stopping altogether but he gets up in the morning and it starts all over again.

I would like to know how serious his condition is please. He did say 3 wks ago, "What ever happens, I still love you". That worried me greatly.

Any advice please would be welcoming.


Hi Lovey: Ok 1st of all my heart goes out too you! 2nd your husband needs some help ASAP. When you are dealing with an alcoholic which your husband is! There are a huge variety of physical ailments they can get. Because we ingest alcohol, this means that your whole body is affected by any excessiveness. So in your husbands case, it is the mouth, the esophogus, the stomach, and ALL the organs right down to when it comes out.

When the consultant said it was serious, didn't they make some follow up appointment for your husband? If they haven't I want you to find out from your regular doctor - whom I assumed set up the tests. What is going too happen now. I know that you are afraid of the answers, but someone told me this crude statment that I will tell you "If you stick your head in the sand, someone will kick you in the ***" So it's the same thing, it could be serious or it isn't. Either way it HAS too be faced. And he DOES need help.

Alcoholism is rampant in Britain, it's almost unheard of NOT to have someone in the family that isn't, isn't it?!!! I'm from south yorkshire too - Doncaster area!!! Along with a cup of tea , fish and chips and Sunday Dinners, there's the pint at the local pub. It's in our psychies to drink. That's why they give kids Shandys!!!

The alcohol is just like anyother drug, it is affecting every part of your husbands body. His foggy thinking, his bathroom problems, nausea, vomiting etc. Since he has had an endoscope, at least that is a start. So now we need to find out what the next step is for your husband. I know being a daughter of a severe alcoholic, they become liars, and say nothing is wrong when it is. So it is you that has too do all the work - unfortunately - so on Monday phone his doctor and find out what is going to happen next. DEMAND more OK?! Don't take mediocre this is your love here, and there's is one thing I have learnt in my life is DON'T Take NO for an answer. Even from your hubby OK?! And I know lovey, I know!!!!

He IS worried, and sometimes a man feels it is weak to suggest that he is afraid and needs help. So it is up to us too use our womens intuition and get him the help, that he secretly wants. So I am here for you, and DEMAND that the medical professionals are there for you too OK? And get answers and some help. Let me know how it goes OK? And I'm usually on here if you want too talk or just rant OK? Good luck hon, and health to your husband!!!


I'm a recovering alcoholic. His body is starting to shut down. If ignored, he WILL die. I do not say that lightly. It is the honest to God truth. He needs serious help and is no longer able to do it himself. May God be with you both


Hi Paradies: How is everything going?


I am married to a man that was an alcholic for 35 years. He quite cold turkey and has not touched a drop of alcohol for 17 years. I was also raised by a pack of drunks.
My husband would puke blood, c**p blood and had loose stool all the time, he had no appetite and his caloric intake consisted of a 12 pack of Genny. He quit Super Bowl Sunday when Scott Norwood missed the field goal loosing the game for Buffalo (again)
His drinking was his medication and when he didn't drink, he would sweat and shake and was seriously miserable.
When he quit, he thought he was goping to die, this lasted for weeks until he woke up one morning and felt normal.
You honestly have to help him get the help he needs. Your husband can die from his addiction as i have seen family members drink themselves to death, literally.
He needs to detox or dry out first which is a painful process, but with the help of medication he can get thru it. Then he will have to attend meetings. As severe as his affliction is, he may need to attend several meetings a week. My husband used to go to a meeting every day.
Your husband is an accident waiting to happen. He could kill himself of someone who is totally innocent in a car accident. You sound very supportive and you have stuck by your man for a long time, so now is the time to insist that he get treatement.