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Alright so me and my boyfriend were messing around last night. We tried having sex, with a condom, but he couldn't get hard enough. Which means I'm still a virgin. I still have my cherry. Afterwards I was on top of him and the tip of it was touching my opening. I felt him precum, but he swears it was me. He DID NOT cum. To make that clear. His dad said there was nothing to worry about but I am. I'm only 16. I need to know if there is any way I need to purchase Plan B pill. And the cost. It's only been about 15 hours since it happened. Please help me!


Well I'm glad you're being somewhat more responsible than his dad.

Firstly, 'feeling him precum' is a bit of a contradiction, but don't worry. Precum oozes out, and is a clear liquid given that it contains no or very few sperm - notice that very few, it only takes one to get pregnant. If you felt it, then it was more likely to be an ejaculation, with white sperm; or he's right, and it may have been your own arousal and lubrication.

Either way, you're certainly right and responsible to be cautious, and you can look on the web for the Plan B website, go to your doctor, clinic or pharmacy and I'm sure they'll be able to help you obtain it, or look on the website for guidance.

It's a very low risk, but someone wins the lottery, and girls do get pregnant from low risk situations.


I would also ask you to be aware that the legal age of consent in US is, I believe, 18 (and may vary by state - I'm UK, and here it's 16; Canada 14 I believe), so technically you're (both, if he's under the age also, as I would hope) breaking the law, but the law exists to protect you against adults. Still, you may want to re-consider whether this is such a good idea, and find out just what your country and state's policy is.

Also, I find it pretty weird - frankly - that your boyfriend's father consents to this, is advising you (not necessarily very well, if he's dismissing a small risk as no risk), and in doing so he may also be breaking the law, and the law will be far more strictly applied against him, as an adult.

My concern is your well-being, and I've responded as best and accurately as I can. And your boyfriend couldn't get hard enough? Why not wait until you reach the age of consent, and hope for better results (or alternate bf) then?