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i think i just lost my virginity...i didnt experience any bleeding..does bleeding always occur when you lose your virginity??? help!


I recently lost my virginity ( so did she) the girl im seeing she txted me saying there wsa blood and it stung to urinate.

im no doctor but im guessing that its normal for a girl whos lost her virginity?

I need some quick advice to reassure her before i talk to her next

can you guys help!


NO you don't always bleed when you loose your virginity, it is an urban myth!

I never bled! (although it did sting to urinate. this is normal)

The bleeding is the breaking of the hymen, a fold of membrane which surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. it is torn or ruptured during intercourse.

HOWEVER, You know that all women are different, some women have big noses and some have long fingers, every womans body is different.

similarly, some womens hymens are thin and rupture at the slightest touch, some womens are resiliant and do not break at all, others are born without a hymen at all!!!

not every girl has a paper thin delicate hymen which bleeds at the slightest touch, its PERFECTLY NORMAL not to bleed.

(also "Virginity" is sexual innocence: if you have had sex you are not a virgin.)