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I am 14 i was masterbating when i felt like i should look down and when i did i saw there was a small amount of blood. I got off my period a day ago and now i began to bleed for about a few seconds a little bit of blood. I am scared that i just lost my virginty?? How do you know when you lose your virginty? And what does this now mean for me?


Hi Jmm 

You are still technically a virgin until you have sexual intercourse. However I realise that many consider their hymen to be their virginity. In fact, it is sometimes called the maidenhead.

It depends how you were masturbating whether there were a risk of rupturing your hymen, and it may be that the bleeding did come from your hymen. You can tell if your hymen is ruptured by inspection. Use a handmirror and check. Do you know what you are looking for? The hymen is a thin membrane that partially covers or surrounds the vaginal entrance. It typically has a finger-sized hole in it that allows the outflow of the menses, or period blood. There are variations of this. This is a picture of a typical intact hymen:

If you have difficulties determining, then you could get someone you trust to look, or maybe a medical professional. But I don't know where you live as to whether that is a feasible proposition or not.

What it means to you if your hymen is ruptured largely depends on your culture or religion. Some cultures expect that a girl will be a virgin when she marries, and expect the hymen to be intact on marriage. It may then be expected that there will be bleeding on first sex on the wedding night when the husband's penis ruptures the hymen. This would be considered proof (or otherwise) of virginity.

However, the hymen can be ruptured in ways other than by sexual intercourse, sometimes the hymen does not rupture on first intercourse, and also there is not always bleeding. Many men recognise this fact, and would trust the word of the woman, and the absence of a hymen or of a bleeding would not be a problem.

I hope this is a help as a start.

Please feel free to ask if you need more help.