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hello im a 17 yr old girl one day when i was masterbating i started to bleed alot and i got scared this guy once told me that if a girl bleeds it means shez not a virgin..but ive never had sex...and i want to knbow thatif ive already bled due to fingering would i bleed when i have sex with my boyfriend? wat shows that uve lost ur virginity? if u bleed during sex or something else ? i jus dont want my boyfriend to think that jus because i didnt bleed during my first time i wasnt a virgin to begin with and lied to him please can someone help me


Okay okay calm down!

You lose your virginity when you have sex for the first time. A virgin is someone who has never had vaginal sex with a penis.


You are thinking of the Hymen. A fold of skin inside the vaginal opening which can tear or break when penetrated with a large object (such as a penis)

The hymen was traditionally seen as a sign of virginity in medieval times, and is still seen as proof of virginity in devout, middle eastern societies. Often, the husbands keep the blood-stained sheets of their wedding night as a sort of trophy.

However, just as everyones noses are different, and everyones ears are different, the hymen, that fold of skin, is different in every woman.

Some are paper thin and tear at the slightest touch,
others are resiliant, and don't tear, they can easily stretch to accomodate the penis.

You can break the hymen without having sex, from intense sports and gymnastics, horse riding, tampon insertion etc.

and similarly, you can have sex without bleeding, its common!

For this reason, hundreds of faithful, loving women are disowned by their husbands and boyfreinds every year, because their hymen did not bleed, and the male did not trust the womans word that she was a virgin.

Even Doctors and Gynecologists cannot tell a virgin from studying the hymen, (although usually they can make a pretty good educated guess)

hope that clears things up.

Most importantly of all. If your boyfreind loved you he would trust you. if he does not trust you, maybe you shouldn't be having sex with him.


yeah that cleared things thank u..and abt my boyfriend he does trust me but he thinks that a sign of a virgin is if she bleeds and i cant seem to convince him that its not


you could show him these websites. << very useful!

Good luck!