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Hi there...

I need help...7 days dpo and I have cramping.. started last night, no bleeding, mood swings and nausea. Is it too early to feel these things. could this mean I'm prego or just early cramping?? We have been trying now for 3 months and nothing!!...this is a diffcult time...when should I take the test??


No, not all women bleed during "implantation"...actually a lot of women don't- or at least never notice it.
The cramping could have been ovulation or conception or something totally unrelated.
The soonest you can test is 4-5 days before your expected period with a "first response" pregnancy test (best if you use the first of the morning urine if you test early) Even then the results are not as just "can" show all depends on your levels...SO if you want to test early buy a multi-pack so you have one to test again after you miss your period.
Good luck and keep in mind that over 75% of couples get pregnant within the first 6 months of trying .... Keep on tryin!!! it will happen before you know it. Take care .