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I had issues with depression and sleep disorders that come with it for years now. First medication I was prescribed was Trazodone and it did work at 150 mg dose, but after a while I guess I developed tolerance or my depression got worse and even Trazodone wasn’t able to help me get back to sleep.

It took me almost half a year to wean of Trazodone and my sleep issues are now worse than ever, so my doc prescribed me Rozerem. I haven’t filled the prescription yet since this medication isn’t cheap at all, but if anyone has any experience with it, could you please share if it was effective for you and did you get ‘hangover’ from Rozerem in the mornings?



I was taking Rozerem for a month, after I went through withdrawal from Ambien - which was also prescribed to me to help me fall asleep easier during the time I was going through reactive depression. Now, even though it's much more expensive, Rozerem has one major benefit over Ambien - it's not a benzodiazepine and doesn't cause you to develop tolerance or dependence.

As far as morning hangovers are concerned, there are some at the start, but they are nothing compared to what you'd have on Trazodone and Ambien.