On jan 22 I found out I was pregnant a couple days later I started spotting hospital did a urine and blood test. Blood test came back positive urine came back negitive doctors didnt know if I had miscarried or I was just very early in my pregnancy. They suggested I wait a week then go get a urine test from my doctor. I did that doctor said I was slightly preggo. On feb 17 I went back to the hospital for a blood test it came back I was not pregnant doctor said I probably miscarried. Last week I felt a lot of pregnancy symptoms and my period was late. I usually get it on the 26th it was the 29th by the time I noticed I didnt have my period. On march 1 I took a urine test at home it came back positive the next day I took another one it too came back positive. Does that mean I didn't miscarry and I'm still pregnant? Its now march 5 and no period.

Help Im so confused.