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Right, here is a question that i hope someone could maybe shead some light on lolll....

Four weeks ago i started to heavly bleed red blood, i knew it was strange as i wasnt due for my period for another week so i took a hpt and it was positive....i bled for 8 days and my Dr put it down to an early miscarriage and no d&c was performed. i did another hpt after bleeding stopped and it was negitive.
Now i have that pregnancy feeling and took another hpt and recieved a faint positive so waited for the next morning to do another which read negitive and now ive had done another hpt and got a positive result....what is going on lol !! this has never happened to me b4, if im preg i always get positive and if im not it'll be a negitive !!
i have seen my Dr about this and he says he thinks im pregnant and so i have booked in to see the midwife.

Could this be a new pregnancy or the 1st pregnancy i thought i had lost ??? i have heard women miscarry a twin while the other survives ??

Also i have not had a period since my miscarriage so i dont know how to work out how many weeks i maybe along.


Sweetie I also had a miscarriage about 4 months ago.It was in the middle of May.I got pregnant but no baby developed (I cant remember what they call it)But anyways my body wasnt recognizing it.I still stayed pregnant.I had to have a DNC.I bleed a little after the DNC.Not much though cause my OBGYN did a really good job with my DNC.A little over a month went by and I still hadnt had a period.I was for sure I was pregnant again.I had a couple pregnancy test done but they all came back negative.I didnt start my period untill July 4th.I am pregnant now.Im almost 2 months along.After having my period on July 4th we tried to get pregnant again and it worked.I couldnt believe it.We are so happy.So what I would say is to not worry!Take a pregnancy test.If it says your not pregnant than wait about month and see if you have a period then.If you still dont start than you need to go see your OBGYN.But if you do start than your all good.If you are still wanting to try for a baby than keep trying sweetie.You are most likely to get pregnant on the 14th day after you start your period.So see I started on the 4th so on the 18th I was fertil.Thats what my OBGYN told me and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!SO GOOD LUCK TO YOU!