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I asked once before but no respenses....Ok so here's the story. I have always had irregular periods. Usually i don't have them for months at a time or when i do have them they last for a long time. I hadn't had it for a couple months n i had sex once without protection on the 24th. It was a complete mistake because i have a boyfriend, so i took the morning after pill and started my period on the 30th, it was normal flow and ended on the 3rd or 4th of August. Then my boyfriend came back from Iraq on the 10th. We ended up having sex every day, anywhere from 2-3 times up until the 24th of August. we attempted to use a condom but every time it broke before he finished, so we ended up using the pull out method, although im not on birth control. Only one time did we use a condom when he finished and he noticed it has a little tear in it. Then on the 2nd of September, right before i went to bed i noticed a little spotting in my underwear, it was slightly brownish so i used a tampon. I woke up in the middle of the night and changed it, there wasn't hardly anything on it, but i used another one and when i woke up in the morning on the 3rd, there wasn't anything on it. Now it being the 14th my breast are really sore. The other nite i drank a glass ov MD and ate some hot cheetos and ended up throwing up. SMoking cigarettes makes me get a headache. Also i have been nauseated but no in the morning, mostly at night around the time i go to bed or when i take Benadryl, which i have to take daily because i have allergies. Could i possibly be pregnant? Or am i over reacting?


Yep, sounds like you've been gambling.
You may have lost.

Yes, you may be pregnant.
Best way to check is to get an EPT test now.
And confirm the results at a doctor's office.

Maybe you aren't...and it's just those hot cheetos and MD... but you've been playing the odds...

and as you said elsewhere to another girl... "Not smart to do it without protection!"

PS: I'd be asking myself why the condoms continually break. Is it size?
Working without lube? Cheap off-brand? or oil-based lubricants instead of water based?
Something's not right here. You need to be investigating this.
And if you're using condom so frequently and so hard, maybe you want to investigate some foam or spermacidal jelly to use along with them? Ask Planned Parenthood about this. They can advise you on the best combination to be "sure"...and enjoy things while you two are together.


I agree with Kirk C's assessment. Have you taken a pregnancy test yet? Can you let us know how you're doing? I'd like to hear an update if you're still around. Thanks!