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So I am a type 1 diabetic where I take insulin injectables for my insulin needs.  I have taken shots for as long as I remember, well now I am 15 years old and my mom is diabetic.  I see that she takes pills for her diabetes.  She says she is type 2 diabetic.  I want to know why she can take pills and I have to take shots?  She is on Metformin so I would like to forego the shots and take the pills. 

I would like the effects of the Metformin so I know how it would help me with my diabetes.  I want to start on it as soon as I can.  I would be able to go places without having to take a shot all the time.  I need to go to somewhere private and leave my friends when I do my shot. 

Witht the medication I don't have to do that.  Does anyone know about Metformin and can tell me about the side effects and stuff?  Thanks so much!  I am looking forward to not having to take injections! 


Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are different in the way that they affect the body.  The first, type 1, is a diabetic that has a pancreas that was dysfunctional from the start.  It does not put out insulin like it should so that diabetic will be insulin-dependent.  Type 2 diabetics have a pancreas that quits working from damage to it from bad eating habits and inactivity.  Metformin and other pills are used only for type 2 patients because this type of medication helps stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin.  Patients with type 1 do not benefit from this medication because the pancreas does not work.  So, unfortunately, that is why you cannot be on pills to help your type of diabetes.