[quote="He does a great job of networking and marketing himself as this wonderful plastic surgeon, but he is not anymore.

That might be true....his assistant says he's clever and he certainly is because he knows when to say "later" to someone he feels clever enough (a doctor too actually) to discover the materialistic side drives his career.

I also should add this :

He is a fine doctor (pretty old but fine) and knows how to get his way regarding clinical advices (he has told me to get back after i heal the wounds of a very fatal accident) that his assitant consider as not "that bad") . He is assisted by staff who can be supportive and knowledgeable. The worst is his principal bi***y nurse who is not caring at all, a very unpleasant and bitter individual who places her concerns above of the patient. Not compasionate at all. It's good she works for a plastic surgeron...in a public hospital patients will certainly sue her sorry ass since a while ago.
Good news...that kind of bi***es has always bad returns in their lives. The kind of person you will see asking for help in the street and you will kick her ass with great pleasure. What a shame that Dr. Bellin has decided to chose that kind of person to cooperate with him. Other than that, the house is nice and the puclicity exposed in journals and shows TV do not lie about the state of the art. Dr. Berllin has paid well his bills to all books of "Who is Who"...i know what im talimg about ....I'm a doctor too...ha!