My name is CindyK and I'd like to address the woman (D. Chider) who spoke so unfairly about Dr. Bellin. This man is the BEST plastic surgeon in the EAST COAST ... he is gentle, very explanatory, easy going, very INTELLIGENT, considerate, and in my opinion; the VERY BEST in his field, (in New York.) How do I know? Because on July 23, 2007, I had a face lift and my upper and lower eyelids done. I'll be 58 in December; when I went to him he asked what it was I would like him to do for me and I replied; "I know you're not a magician, but I'd like you to make me look 10 years younger; if that's at all possible." He took one look at me and very positively replied, "With your beautiful skin; and bone structure I can make you look thirty something." Of course I thought he was kidding with me (and) I truly wish I had a before and after picture to share with everyone so you could judge for yourself what this REMARKABLE MAN has done to me. This man did such a fantastic job that I not only look thirty something; I feel thirty something!! He not only gave me my youthful look back, he gave me the confidence that I was lacking also. He IS extremely educated and intelligent, he has the best bed side manner I've ever seen, he's not the rude nasty person this woman talks about, "not at all!!!!!!!" And his staff .. they were all as remarkable as he was. After reading Chider's story, then meeting these people and having my surgery done (as close as one could get to perfection,) I would just want to meet this Chider woman "face to face" and give her my thoughts about her own"integrity!" And by the way, she said he's 70?? I didn't ask, but he doesn't look a day older than mid fifties ... and he has all the competence of any younger surgeon and much MORE experience which is WHY I went to him in the first place ... His resume' alone; is highly exceptional; only a FOOL would listen to this Chider woman! I think Ms Chider expected "a miracle" from him ... he's not GOD, he's a surgeon and a very good one but he can't make you prettier than what God made you, so if you're looking to be America's next top model ... blame your parents for the reason you aren't!!! Don't blame Dr. Bellin ... Ladies ... if you're looking for a surgeon with the capability of giving you a more youthful look and new self confidence HE'S THE MAN for you. I'm going back for a tummy tuck and then maybe a breast lift to compliment my beautiful new look! :-D One more thing of interest before I close ... I hardly bruised at all (from taking the 2000 milligrams of Vitamin C each day for "two weeks" before my surgery,) and I continued to take it. It's been eleven days, YES LADIES 11 DAYS ... I have no bruising at all; there's still some swelling in my face, eyes and neck but that's to be expected; I can't wait to see the "real effect" when all the swelling goes away!! I am soooooo happy and VERY pleased to have met Dr. Bellin and his staff; they are truly very professional and the best part was ... "It is a very scary process," but they made me feel so comfortable about it, they treated me like family ... their bedside manner was as remarkable as the experience itself so SHAME ON YOU MS. CHIDER. Dr. Bellin should be suing YOU for trying to destroy his practice!! I'd represent him in court as a tried and true, extremely happy witness to his mastery! I think you're just a very disgruntled and unhappy woman because your expectations were not met; let's keep in mind that he isn't GOD; all he can do is make you look more youthful, not more beautiful. I have a feeling you're the kind of woman that nothing would make you happy and women like you make me ill! God Bless you Dr. Bellin!!! You are a Master at what you do!!
Here's a helpful hint for Ms. Chider: "In Life you will find that you'll always get treated in the same way you treat others, maybe you should start working on that!"
Newport, RI