Hello, I was dating this girl and we had sex on Aug 26th, 2016. After a few weeks she came to me and told me she was pregnant based upon an at home pregnancy test. I never received any pictures of the confirmed pregnancy test. After that I began asking numerous questions and all I received was silence and I don't knows. Fast forward to November 1st of the same year. She sends me paper saying she is indeed pregnant and that her gestational age was 12 weeks and 5 days. Fast forward again and I attend her first sonogram at 20 weeks and I asked the doctor for conception and due date. The conception date was August 16th and May 11 was the due date. After that I immediately asked her was she sleeping with anyone else and never received a straight answer. And her last menstrual period was August 5th. What I want to know is: " Is there a possibility that I could be the father based on the fact that she was further along in her pregnancy than she really should be?"