Last year I went from 7-9kg (rendering me on the verge of being overweight according to most BMI calculators) within a space of 6 months or less due to stress, poor sleeping habits compounded by a sedentary lifestyle.


I altered my sleeping habits and drank more water, resulting in 5kg loss in one month!


I saw my doctor yesterday to discuss medical assistance with getting the rest off and getting back to my old self. My diet overall is generally healthy (only have junk once in a while, moderate portions, never overeat, healthy meals within healthy daily calorie limits) and I've recently gotten back to gym & working out at home (1-3 hours almost everyday), and while there hasn't been much difference on the scale, my measurements have changed and I do feel more toned. So she put me on duramine 15mg for two weeks to give me a boost and speed things up.


I am not overweight or obese by any calculations (current BMI is 23.95). I would like to get back to 53-55kg and 21-22 BMI range so I can be a Skinny Gemini again and fit into my old clothes! I am quite short (157 cm/5"2) with a petite frame so the extra weight does make a difference in how I look (love handles, saddle bags, belly fat).



Has anyone in a similar situation (i.e. not overweight) used duramine successfully to boost their weight loss efforts? How much weight did you lose and how quickly? Please share your experiences with me!