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Hello folks,

My colleague Ben, from my cooking class told me that duromine 15 mg is really good. Now, I am not against diet pills, because I know how helpful they can be, especially in my case (as you already know I am overweight), but I think that is smarter just reduce all those calories and try to lose my weight in a healthy way. To be honest, I was always skeptical about diet pills, because with them you can never be sure (because of those frequent side – effects.

So, Ben is using them for three months now, and he is happy. It’s not that I don’t believe him, because he is thin and I can’t really tell did he lost any pound, but I am skeptical about his reasons. He told me that he lost 27 kilograms in three months. Is that possible?

Do you have any experience? Do you know how much weight can you lose with duromine 15 mg?

Thank you! 



I think that you are skeptical for a reason. It is quite impossible that he lost so many pounds while he was using JUST duromine 15 mg. Well, apparently, he lies to you, for some reason. That is my opinion.  

I don’t know a single person who lost so many pounds by taking only pills and without working out. It seems unreal to me, but maybe I am not familiar with it.

My brother Michael was using duromine 15 mg for five months. During this process, he was all day in the gym. Healthy eating + gym + duromine 15 mg helped him lose 18 kilograms in 5 months.

That is his story.  It is hard to believe your mate as well.





Hm…it is hard to believe for me in this story as well. When we already talk about boys, I will share this with you. My ex-boyfriend is a model, I am sure that you saw some of his photos in the magazines (but, I will not tell you his name LOL :)))). In one period of his life, almost 5 years ago, he had a little extra pounds and he needed to lose them pretty fast. Doctor told him to use duromine 15 mg, and I must say it was pretty hard for him to lose pounds.

In one month, he lose 7 kilograms. Of course he was eating healthy, he was in the gym all day and all night :) I just want to say, I believe that your friend is not telling you true story. Maybe it is just me, but it is too much pounds for such a short time.

Have a nice day!