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hi there I am 17 and 5 feet 6 inch and weight 180 pounds I have tried dieting and exercise and the stuff but I can not continue it for long I am asking how much weight should I need to lose and is there a easy loose weight routine so that I can continue longer and also focus on my studies with it also as I have less time to exercise :/


Hello Kate,

I'm afraid there is no miracle weight loss cure that would work without you watching your diet and keeping yourself active - no matter if it's only a set of exercises you can do at home or just replacing car or bus rides with walking. The reason why your dieting failed is most likely because you tried some very restrictive diet. They can help you to lose a few pounds, but they come back as soon as you stop the diet. That's why it's best you try eating smaller meals and choosing healthier food.

Could you describe how your daily diet looks now?

Your body mass index puts you in the overweight group, but losing 20-30 pounds would get you into 'normal' weight group. You can’t rely on losing this much weight in matter of days – but if you watch your diet and start with at least home exercise, you’ll get the results you need,

Wish you all the best,




Yes it is correct thing 'weight loss has no permanent cure” you need all to do is maintain your weight according to your height. For maintaining weight there is need to change some daily routine for intake of calories and habits; like  eating while watching TV, avoid junk food, too much meat etc. 

Hope so it will be helpful. You can also find more things while searching under 'bad habits for weight loss or weight gain controlling habits'

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