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my period comes on on the 12 or the 13 of every monyh this morning i woke up and my period came on and i'v been taking geritols vitiam supplment and i've been trying to get pregant .Ilost my frist child in 2004 and ready for a notherone, but i'm trying to find out could i possible am i pregant i took a home pregancy test and the results were negtiveand that was 2 days ago, i'm feeling verry sleepy,tired all the time,and i'v even been getting very emotional latly what to do? %-) %-) %-) :-S 8-| ;-) :'( XD :-( :-) :-D o.O ! ? :-| :-)


Hi, you posted this topic twice, so this is the same reply as the other one.

Well, fingers crossed, you may have conceived! As you know, very light bleeding which comes early could be implantation bleeding, as the embryo burrows into the wall of the womb, and accompanied by the symptoms of fatigue, nausea and moodswings, is a very good sign!

Don't be put off by the negative test, Although tests say they can pick up a pregnancy from the first day of a missed period, the reality is that most tests will take a few more days than that for the hormone levels of hcg to be high enough to be detected. Every womans body is different, some people take longer for the hormone levels to rise than others.

so you may have just tested too early. Wait a few days and try again, and i would suggest making an appointment with a doctor to monitor the pregnancy in its early stages, or get a blood test.

Whatever happens. good luck!