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Six days ago (two days before my missed period) I took a home pregnancy test and there was a faint positive.  The following day I took an EPT and Clear Blue Easy digital and they were also both positive. A couple days later I had faint brown spotting, followed by light bleeding (more than spotting, but way less than my usual period with some small clots) and some mild cramping and back pain.  The bleeding lasted for two and a half days.  Today I took another HPT and it was negative. I still have pregnancy symptoms - tender breasts and nausea. 

Was this an early miscarriage? Has anyone experienced something similar to this? 


Hi Sookie,

It's possible it was a miscarriage but normally there would be more blood/clots.

A common myth, there is no such thing as a "faint positive."  The tests are not designed that way, it either finds the hormone or it doesn't.  It is either a yes or a no, that's it. 

Your first test was inconclusive.

The two positives indicate that there may have been a pregnancy.  False positives are extremely rare.

Test again.  Use your first morning urine as it is more concentrated, darker.  It is the concentration of urine that you want, not the volume.  If it was a miscarriage the levels would drop, not instantly, but early on it would only take a few days for the levels to fall below a point the test can detect them.

You may want to see your doctor.