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So me and my boyfriend had intercourse Dec 25 without a condom but he pulled out before he came and I am on birth control and he pulls out using a condom I am 11 days late for my period and my last one was the First of December and I was suppose to start Jan 4 and I didn't could anybody help me out and let me know what you think is going on. I haven't had any symptoms of pregnancy except my stomach feeling like it's moving around. I hope someone can help


There could be a number of reasons for your missed period, one of which could be just a missed period - that happens sometimes. From what you have said, it would seem you would not have been fertile on 25th Dec, unless you ovulated late (not impossible).

  1. LMP 1st Dec; next due 4th Jan: 34-day cycle - Is that usual?
  2. If period were due 4th Jan it presupposes ovulation 21st Dec
  3. If you ovulated 21 Dec, you would not be fertile 25 Dec
  4. To be fertile 25th Dec, you would have to have ovulated 25th Dec or a few days later.
  5. If you ovulated 25th Dec, it would indicate a 38-day cycle. Has that happened before?

However, I am not sure what you meant about condom use. You said "had intercourse Dec 25 without a condom ... he pulls out using a condom".

Nevertheless if you are on birth control, then the likelihood of pregnancy is very low (if you take it correctly)

I hope this helps as a start