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   My name is Laura I'm 30yrs old/Female/Happily Engaged........ For the last 3 weeks now I was having upper stomach pain wich they thought was that I didn't have a bowl movement and they gave me some stool softner after it ran its course I was still having Stomach pains.

Since Dec.25th I been having lower stomach pains in my left side mostly it will sometimes go to the middle then to the right side but its not very often it will do that,  Now I have been to Two Diffrent Hospitals in two days the first did a Urine Test wich was Negative and the second did a Urine & Blood Pregnancy Test wich also was negative.

I'm not techinally late yet untill Janurary.4th,2012 but wondering what I can do for the stomach pain that wouldn't be harmful to the possiblity that I'm pregnant?

All Signs are there that I am of Stomach Pains, Tired more, Eating Less, Drinking more water on 4th cup of water right now, Weight gain, Bloating, Cat following me around and being very protective wich is said they can tell before we can as human's.

Anyone out there with more knowledge please help me out as I can't sleep


i also have the same symptoms as what you ave, plus i nearly vomit whenever i smell foods, I dont know what to do because I'm only 18 but i already had my menstruation last 17 and I had sex last dec. 12. I4M JUST WONDERING IF THERE'S A POSSIBILITY iM PREGNANT? thanks!

all the symptoms you've post is happening to me ryt now >.<