Hello Ladies! Sorry if this is a little long...

What would you say was your earliest pregnancy symptoms and when did you experience them?

I thought it would be an interesting topic considering my sudden situation! My last cycle was a little wacky, and I ended up having two periods within one 'cycle' period because I missed a day smack dab in the middle of my pack! A few days after my second period(which was actually very light for me) I experienced sex for the first time(unprotected). According to my typical cycle, and if egg met sperm, I should be six weeks along. But if I count my second period, I am four weeks, but still have a week and a half until my next period on my pack. I told you, this is all messed up!

I know this increases my chances for being pregnant, and maybe it is because I have been a little paranoid about it, but I could swear I'm having a few oddities. Milky white and/or cloudy stretchy discharge, fatigue, mood swings(really high and happy to really b*tchy and snippy), back and forth between ravenous and nausea, hot flashes, low stomach cramps accompanied by lower back pain, alcohol tastes weird to me...all things that are a bit out of the normal for me. I mainly take birth control for chemical problems, not hormonal...so it typically evens all this out. I DO have PMDD, however, so with that crazy last cycle could I be a little off? Our seasons are changing too(Spring! It was in the high 70's today)....so could the environment be a factor as well? Or are these typical signs for early pregnancy? I'm really not sure...but also not sure if anything would show up on a pregnancy test.

And I'm just a little curious. :-P Thanks everyone!
ox. Jordie